Women’s Pigskin Fantasy Football League 2020

Women's Pigskin Fantasy Football

Before I decided to start Women’s Pigskin’s Fantasy Football League, I had to decide on which Fantasy Football company I would use to host our league; Yahoo Fantasy, ESPN, NFL, Fan Dual, Draft Kings etc… There were so many to choose from I almost talked myself out of starting a league and taking a simpler route, joining someone else’s league. Yup, I was going to be a couch potato one more football season.  But, then the thought of being a commissioner of my own league was very tantalizing and I was frankly tired of watching all my friends partaking in the weekly rituals, engaging with other players, and making game changing decisions regarding players on the field. Not to mention, the rush that comes from making the playoffs and possibly winning it all.

Top Fantasy Football Leagues to Join

So, what does any good football lover do? Research and select the platform that had a ton of helpful tips, tricks, and tools to support a novice like me who wanted to not only play but build comradery amongst Women’s Pigskins’ community, have fun and maybe even win a few games. Thus, Women’s Pigskin’s Fantasy Football League was started.

  • League trips
  • Player Selection
  • Trading
  • Game Day

Paid vs Free Fantasy Football Leagues

During the next few months I will be posting several articles to help us build a strong league. Each post will get into the nooks and crannies of National Football League (NFL) fantasy football world.  By the way, I winded up selecting ESPN Fantasy Football to host the First Annual Women’s Pigskin Fantasy Football League. My next post compares 5 highly ranked fantasy football platforms.

So, stay tune and since we don’t want to draft pre-maturely we will continue to learn various tips and tricks together and after a few preseason games have occurred, we will know more of less who made the team and draft like pros.

Xoxo Tally