Lose the Bulky Football Jersey

Game Day Fashion Pads

Those days are long gone when you have to wear your husband or your brother’s bulky and huge jerseys and unappealing jeans, shoes or sweatshirts. We women can now look completely sporty and feminine at the same time while dressing in attires of our own. Yes that’s right. We now have the perfect Game Day gear, jeans, and t-shirts that will make us look unique and gorgeous in our own way. The following are some tips and trends for getting the ideal sporty football look that every sports lover woman craves for:

Summer Game Day Fashion

There are a variety of jerseys available in different lengths and designs. Go for a jersey that reaches till the mid of your thighs if it’s too hot with a pair of sneakers. For a fall/winter look, put on a waist length jersey with a blazer, pair of shorts and thigh high boots.

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Accessories Perfect for any Game

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