Why Game Day Music & Games are Important

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House parties? Tailgating? in 2020 due to Covid-19 is proving to be a challenge and yet some people have turned to a virtual party to still connect with friends and loved ones over their favorite pastimes which are now being televised again. Thank God! We miss our comrades that help us cheer for our home team and boo the visitors. Or the lofty debates on who has the better players, coaches and heck fans.

Michaels has become one of my favorite stores lately because of the DIY atmosphere that this pandemic has forced upon us. I am now tapping into my DIY creative side and coming up with fun ways to stay active with my family. Board games, outside races, or bag through games are super popular with my family.

Rally Music You can’t Live Without

It’s time to get hyped ya’ll. Here are my top five Game Day Mixes.

  • Pre Game Warm Up
  • Have Time Jam
  • Winners Anthems
  • Get Lit Mix

Healthcare Tips and Trends Playbook

Covid-19 got you feeling the Freshmen 15 all over again. You know your freshman year of college belly roll that just came out of nowhere. Not today, here at Women’s Pigskin we got you covered with these handy commercial workout tips and tricks.